How We "Make the Pass"

Little Feet plans several trips throughout the year with the biggest one being Thanksgiving week. We primarily seek out schools and orphanages on these trips as they are designed to reach the maximum amount of children as possible. The location and time of each trip is posted on the home page approximately 4 weeks before each trip. Donated soccer balls are first allocated for these trips.

The rest of Little Feet soccer balls are given to other humanitarian organizations who are working with children throughout the world. These organization's humanitarian assistance are impartial and not based on nationality, race, religion, or political point of view. If you wish to join our list of partner's please submit a ball request.

What our partners are saying about Little Feet

Little Feet is an amazing organization that has made a profound difference in the world by providing youth with something as simple as a soccer ball. Thank you Little Feet for your support by providing hundreds of soccer balls to female soccer players in Afghanistan.

-Awista Ayub - Author "Kabul Girls Soccer Club"

Hey Little Feet-Thanks for the soccer balls for the Haiti trip! It was a HUGE success. To see a child's face light up and smile (especially after experiencing something so traumatic) was extremely moving.

-Michelle Campbell - Airline Ambassadors International

Thank you very much for the Little Feet soccer balls, you are helping us to make possible the dreams of many youth. Like one of our youth said - "I just want an opportunity to Shine" - Your collaboration is helping us to provide that opportunity.

- Jose Acuna - YouthLink, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Little Feet defines the nature of a grass roots development organization. Their direct support of communities and children in need, translates into an extremely effective way to bring joy and sport to even the quietest corners of the globe. Thank you Little Feet for your support of the children and families of Las Capucas, Honduras.

-Rebecca Stygar - U.S Peace Corp Volunteer

Words cannot begin to describe the joy and celebratory feelings that was shared by everyone during the Finaza Foundation "Spread the Love" football tournament in Sierra Leone. Little Feet gave our tournament a big kick off. Many of the children are very poor and work in the diamond mines. They rarely if ever receive generosity of this sort - giving them soccer balls was like giving them a chance at life."

-Adisa - Co-Founder, Finaza Foundation

It has been amazing!!! I have been giving Little Feet soccer balls here at the world cup in Cape Town. I gave them to an orphanage and to homeless children out in the streets. I cry every time I see them smile. Its truly emotional to see the smiles of the faces of the children of South Africa while I give them a Little Feet soccer ball!!

-David Ricca - Just Live Soccer

The addition of soccer balls to our shipments of school supplies is ALWAYS a hit. You've found the perfect way to bring joy to not only the children who receive them, but also to the troops who are handing them out. We love Little Feet!

-Liz Wegman - Operation International Children

Little Feet has helped to promote our communities' vision for a better future for our families. Little Feet has given 100's of soccer balls out to the local children and most recently has helped to redo our communities' soccer field. Little Feet Coffee has also provided extra income to our farmer families through the purchase of specialty coffees from our local coffee cooperative. Gracias!

-Omar Rodriguez - Gerente General, Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada